Historic Boat House Salvage

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Historic Boat House Salvage

Hale Built was selected to raise this historic 80 ton marine structure 3 additional feet above the mean high water mark. The house boat had been lifted before but the timber sub-structure was undersized and badly deteriorated. Along with it's inherent fragility one of the challenges for this lift and new piling system was that the boat was completely surrounded by water with only one narrow gang-plank connecting the boat to the dock. The owner wanted to not only support the structure but also correct some of the sagging due to the older support system failure. Our team, which included Acme Piling and Ahoy Bulkheading, deployed the necessary equipment to reach over the boat and water jet the new epoxy coated 50ft pilings which were threaded through the existing surrounding docks. Hale Built's house lifting crew then supported the structure on slings and 9.6t shain hoists to lift the structure by the existing timber members. The crew then installed a heavy duty epoxy coated whaler into the new piles which support the W16" epoxy coated steel cross members. Once the steel super structure was installed, the boat could be lowered onto the steel beams and be shimmed in certain areas and not in others, giving us the ability to correct the various sags and weak areas.

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